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welcome to THE EDGE



Discover the edge of your comfort zone. Get unstuck today.


ABOUT edgework & ME

Feeling stuck, stagnant or unsatisfied?


edgework is groundbreaking personal growth work designed to identify & move you intentionally & persistently toward your goals.


I may be an evolution junkie.  I am fascinated by our mind’s ability to change the structure & function of our brain, to then change the experience of our mind.  WHAT?!?!  It’s truly incredible.  edgework is grounded in that fascination and grew from years of experience helping individuals, couples & families get unstuck.  


Whatever your personal or relationship goals are, edgework allows you to discover the limitations of living in your comfort zone.  


Move past the edge.  Liberate yourself.  Think, feel & act intentionally & creatively.  Transform your experience and evolve your brain.  


How I Can Help You

  • One on one support, insight building and strategizing

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    $1750 monthly
  • A customized workshop developed to intensify your growth potential.


    Price varies
  • Add the benefit of group experience to your edgework!

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    $500 monthly
  • 20 min call to see if edgework is a good fit for you!

    15 min

  • Please contact Jen at for more information.

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