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Now is the Time to find your edge

Introducing edgework by Jen Stowe

edgework: Growth. Inspired. Work.

Are you having the feeling of being stuck or stagnant?


Do you feel yourself pulled forward but don’t know where and are unsure of how?


Have you ever felt the friction of being at the edge of your comfort zone?


Can you feel the excitement and fear of moving beyond it?

We find ourselves on The Edge, unsure of how to move forward, unaware of what is holding us back and/or lacking the support needed to manage the discomfort of moving from the comfortable and perceived certainty into the discomfort of uncertainty.

neu·ro·plas·tic·i·ty(n): the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience.

Built on the basics of neuroplasticity, edgework is a process developed to guide and facilitate intentional growth in your life through education, energy direction and experience. Whether you already know where your edge is or you find yourself craving something new, edgework is designed to move you intentionally and persistently toward your goals.

THE 4 PHASES OF edgework

Build Awareness

Brain Basics: Gain a basic knowledge of the main tool you will utilize to create change in your life

Mind Matters: Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Empowerment & self-mastery.

Focus Attention

Identify & define what’s holding you back: locate information networks in your brain that reinforce negative & limiting beliefs, or unproductive thought and feeling patterns.

Declare Intention

Know where you’re aiming: Many of us know what we don’t want but are unclear about what we want. Get clear by defining specific intentions and goals.

Choose Action

Choose intentional, empowered behaviour that supports your growth goal.

Even if it’s uncomfortable! (Because often it will be!)

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